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32-point safety inspection

Our thorough 32-point safety inspection, part of the Little Foreign Car Garage $49.95 Spring Special, is the best thing you can do for your vehicle and your piece of mind. We’ll advise you on the overall condition of your vehicle and help you take the right steps to make it safe and reliable, and have it deliver the best fuel economy possible.

The Right Mechanic for Your Car

At Little Foreign Car Garage our technicians are trained to work on your type of car. This is very important, since certain makes and models have problems specific to your vehicle that a general mechanic can miss. We’re sure to catch, and properly fix, these issues, like that bent wheel or front suspension that’s out of alignment, causing tires to wear poorly and even scrub, rather than roll, down the road, lowering gas mileage.

Authorized Bosch Service Center

LFCG is an authorized Bosch Service Center, one of only a few in the Boston area, which means that, out of the hundreds of local repair shops, LFCG met their strict requirements and was chosen and certified to be a Bosch Service Center. This is a very exclusive club, ensuring our customers the highest quality parts and service possible at the right price. In a future blog post we’ll talk more about the many benefits of having your vehicle repaired at a Bosch Authorized Service Centers. So stay tuned!

The 32-Points – So What Do We Actually Do?

1. Oil Change — We’ll change your oil and filter, using the proper oil and filter specified by your car’s manufacturer (there’s no one oil that’s right for every car.) And remember, an oil change is the single most important piece of preventive maintenance you can do to keep your engine running smoothly for years to come.

2. Check rims and make sure they aren’t bent

3. Check tire condition for wear, nails, and sidewall damage

4. Check front suspension components — ball joints, tie rods, and bushings for tightness and wear. If ball joints wear too much, not only will your car be out of alignment, but ball joints or tire rods can break, leaving you stranded.

5. Check steering gear, couplings, and bushings for tightness and wear

6. Check shocks. Chances are your shock absorbers have taken a beating this winter. In the short run your car won’t ride or handle properly. But it’s a bigger safety issue if your car doesn’t handle correctly during a quick emergency maneuver, like swerving to avoid a bicycle on a summer day, worn shocks could make you lose control of the car.

7. Check rear suspension arms and bushings

8. Check exhaust for leaks, rust, proper alignment and hangers; make sure it’s vibration-free

9.  Our experts will check your alignment by test driving your vehicle and inspecting your tires for uneven wear.

10. Check for leaks — engine oil, power steering, coolant, differential, brake fluid, fuel, etc.

11. Check brakes for wear, sticky calipers, rusty rotors, brake pedal feel and stopping power, and stopping straight. Such problems can be dangerous, and lower gas mileage significantly. You might not even notice them, until it’s too late.

12. Check brake lines and hoses

13. Check condition and levels of fluids including: brake, oil, power steering, coolant, differential, transmission, etc.

14. Check and load test battery and check connections. A harsh winter can push a battery to the end of its life cycle, leaving you stranded when you least expect it.

15. Check starter motor condition and amperage draw

16. Check alternator for proper output

17. Check all belts and pulleys. During the winter, your engine’s extreme heating and cooling cycles can damage rubber belts and pulleys. A broken or slipping belt can leave you stranded at an inopportune time.

18. Check all coolant hoses and clamps

19. Check all vacuum lines and clamps

20. Check all emission hoses

21. Check for smooth engine operation

22. Check that the engine is not making unusual noises

23. Check filters

24. Check your engine to see if it’s time for a tune up or factory-scheduled maintenance service

25. Check transmission and clutch operation

26. Check all lights

27. Check all directional and hazard lights

28. Check for “Check engine light” codes. A bad sensor signal can lead to an expensive repair if it isn’t addressed quickly. Never ignore a check engine light.

29. Check condition and operation of wipers and windshield washer system

30. Check that car will pass state inspection, even if it’s months away

31. Road test and check drivability and handling

32. Check condition of the body paint and undercarriage for rust and leaks

For older cars, we dig deep, checking for rust, frame problems, air and water leaks, trouble with rubber brake lines, and metal brake and gas lines that may corrode in older cars.

Call now to schedule an appointment for the Spring Special—the best thing you can do for your car this Spring. Members of our Car Club get $10 off our low $49.95 price. If you have any questions, we’d love to talk.

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