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Carbs and Fuel Injection

Carbs and Fuel InjectionNinety-five percent of today's cars have fuel injection and each manufacturer designs its own injection systems to their own specifications that require unique ways to repair and maintain them.

Little Foreign Car Garage has your manufacturer's specifications and troubleshooting codes. We combine long hands-on experience and modern computer diagnosis to give your engine the ultimate burn.

We offer:

  • State-of-the-art Auto Diagnostics testing systems
  • Familiarity with current factory publications, service bulletins, and recalls
  • Race-proven track record (and we mean TRACK record)

Injection problems can build so slowly you may not notice them. If these problems are not diagnosed, they can leave harmful deposits on your valves and cylinders and rob your car of power and efficiency.

If your car suffers from poor performance, starting problems, stalling, emissions test failures, or fuel inefficiency, it's a good idea to check your injection now.

When your car feels good, you feel good.

A little bit of enlightened preventive maintenance can keep your car at its best, extend its life, and increase resale value. However small or large your injection trouble, we'll get to the heart of it fast and fix it right the first time. Contact us today!

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