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Environmental Concerns - Click to read an article about our commitment to the "Green Garage"

Who We Are - Learn more about the LFCG family

To understand a little more about us, we thought we'd post our "Statement of Purpose." This is given to each employee as part of our policies and procedures manual, and is reinforced in everything we do.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE -To operate a large-volume, highly profitable business.

This may seem like an obvious statement, but execution is challenging and complicated.
  • Many garages can offer skilled and knowledgeable technicians—Why come to ours?
  • Many garages offer honest service—What makes ours different?
  • What is important to people and why do they stay with a business and refer their friends?

Trust is the number one requirement. Customers have to feel assured that they are getting the best service, that we will do it correctly the first time, and that we will always be honest about what work they need. The service that we provide to our customers must be on such a high level of exchange that it will be easy for them to refer friends and families with confidence.

Personal Attention is the second requirement. After a customer has been in once, it is important that they know they are valuable to us. We should remember their name and their car. No one wants to feel they are only as important as their current bill.

Coming to a small and family-owned business makes people feel safe. We know them, but more importantly, they know us as individuals—we're not just a corporation. They know the business will be accountable and that we need them. This is the most important thing for us to remember—we need them!

Customers are our only source of income. Treat every customer as if they were signing your paycheck. Always keep in mind that their safety is in your hands—it is a huge responsibility. People have very busy lives—they only want to bring their car in once for a repair. They will quickly lose confidence and patience if they have to come back after paying for a repair.

The things that sets us apart from other garages is simply that they have chosen us—usually because they have been referred. After that, it is up to us to keep them here.

They can find another garage ~ but they won't as long as we don't give them a reason.

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