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50 Thayer Rd
Waltham, MA 02453
ph: (781) 642-7766
fax: (781) 642-7755

M - F 8AM - 5PM


How it all started

When I was an engineering student at U. Mass Lowell, I repaired cars to get through school. After grad school I worked as an engineer for a year before deciding that I'd rather be fixing cars. In 1972 I started by myself in a one-car garage in Waltham. By 1977 I had moved to our present location and hired two other mechanics. Since then, my sister Judie has become our service writer. This was the beginning of our family business. In addition to the "official" family members, our shop foreman Lindsey has been with us since 1982!

A Turning Point

During the 1980's when money seemed abundant and everyone was expanding, I decided to stay small. I thought it was more important to develop long-term relationships with a regular clientele. It was our philosophy, and still is, that the person is more important than the car he or she drives. And so, on any given day, our lot will have a '99 Porsche Carrera, a 2001 BMW M3, a '94 Subaru, a '54 MB GT, a '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee, a '96 Volvo wagon, a '66 Cadillac Convertible --you get the picture. It isn't enough for us to enjoy working on cars, it's our clientele that makes business special for us..

We care about earning and keeping the trust of our customers, and we appreciate your confidence in us.

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