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50 Thayer Rd
Waltham, MA 02453
ph: (781) 642-7766
fax: (781) 642-7755

M - F 8AM - 5PM



Oil and Filter Change*
and LFCG 32-point inspection

Be prepared for summer travel:
• Oil and filter change
• Tire tread depth (or put on snow tires)
• Water-pumps, belts, hoses, antifreeze, filters
• General maintenance items for winter conditions
• All items on the LFCG 32-point inspection



*32-point safety inspection and change your Oil and Filter (up to 5 qts./synthetic oil extra)

Just email us or call (781) 642-7766 to schedule an appointment.


Car covered inside and out with remnants of your summer? Let us have our experts detail your car. Call and ask for details. 781.642.7766


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Call or email us for an appointment!
Excellence Guaranteed!

Also remember - if your "Check Engine" light is on, you cannot get an Inspection Sticker. We have the latest scan tools and diagnostic equipment. We are a great alternative to the dealer for all of your automotive needs!

We appreciate your business, and look forward to seeing you soon!

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